Palm Drive : The Premier Terraces

Luxury Living In A Prestigious Community

Majority of apartments at The Premier Terraces will form part of exclusive joint blocks – high rise towers with three and four bedroom apartments in a range of floor plan configurations, each with a large balcony and excellent finishing. The highlight of these towers will be the spectacular four and five bedroom penthouses, which will provide breathtaking views from their landscaped balconies over greens and beyond. Set over an expansive two storeys, the penthouses will be the pinnacle of the contemporary apartment lifestyle at The Palm Drive. Most of the apartments face in toward the centre of the development, maximising the wonderful views over the swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness centre and recreational area. Each tower will have a large terrace that will be perfect for functions, parties and get-togethers.

• High rise towers with three and four bedroom apartments
• Spectacular four and five bedroom penthouses available
• Breathtaking views from balconies

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Palm Drive : The Sky Terraces

Emaar MGF Sky Terraces Gurgaon Living at Emaar MGF Sky terraces, Sector-66 Gurgaon is like coming home to an emerald island that’s set in a sea of green areas, where bewitching highlights wait for the eye everywhere.. Attractively landscaped to follow the natural habitat, here nature blooms in all her beauty. pleasure of living can be observed & experienced all over the place in this architectural wonder. With beautifully designed 3+ and 4+ BHK apartments in 5 towers (A, B, C, D & E) are the ideal surroundings for you and your loved ones. Emaar MGF Sky Terrace is the luxurious part of a residential project named Emaar MGF The Palm Drive. Emaar MGF – Sky Terraces Residential Flats the slim & high rise building theory will raise Gurgaon’s skyline in more ways than one.

For more information, please contact to Ms. Kunaall Milwani Phone Number: +91 9811176892 Email:

Gurgaon: How long will the rally continue??

Every real estate Investor with exposure in Gurgaon is happy for the fact that Gurgaon market has outperformed all other property markets in India in last 7-10 years and is being tagged as ‘Millennium City’.

Investors big or small have multiplied their money manifolds thereby giving them confidence to pick up newer & newer projects at higher rates. But the last 6 months- 1 year has shaken some confidence of the buyers & are now asking till when would this dream run continue??

The answer to this is not a simple yes or no!! If we compare the prices in rest of Delhi especially South Delhi (which is in close proximity to Gurgaon) or other cities like Mumbai etc then we still have significant upside left. The infrastructure is getting better each passing day. Thousands of white collar jobs are being created every year and its turning out to be a self sustainable city. Over the next 5 year period Gurgaon will be a much better place to stay with all the facilities in place and majority of the working population would prefer to stay closer to their workplace. This would increase the rent ability of the apartments & would take the prices even further up from here on.

However, in the short term, say next one year or so the chances of getting returns to the tune of 10-12% are more than getting 20% odd like we have enjoyed in the past. This is for overall Gurgaon market, but surely there would be pockets (micro markets) in Gurgaon which can still fetch you those desired numbers.

The sweet spot lies in investing around 5000-6000pqft bracket on Dwarka Expressway/ New Gurgaon or 7500-8500/-psqft on golf Course Extension Road for a period of next 3 years for superior returns.

In the end I would like to re-iterate that making money is all about setting your expectations right (Real Estate Investment: Expectation Vs Reality?)

How to locate a good option for property investment?

Everyone works hard within the given parameters and with one owns capability. The results can vary as per the opportunity you get and the amount of effort put in to seize & convert ‘that’ opportunity in your favor.

The same holds true for the money that you want to invest. You would want it to work for you each passing hour & day if possible and earn superior returns on it.

So are the returns subject to sheer luck as many people call it or a well informed move? I would rather say its 70:30 more skewed towards hard work that would help achieve your goal provided it’s realistic.          (<<< please refer to my previous article)

Below are the factors that can take your closer to your returns by 70% if not more…..

1. Location: Location & Location should be the first factor to be considered while investing money in property. How well is your property located currently, in the main district or in suburbs, accessibility to public transport, railway stations, airport etc. An investor could choose a little far off location and wait for it to develop over 4-5 years thereby giving you above average returns.

2. Infrastructure Development: pace of infrastructure development around the area is an important indicator of how the property would eventually give your returns. Infra dev such as roads, bridges, malls, commercial establishments.

3. Job Creation: for any area to do well it has to be surrounded by a lot of job opportunities. To cut down on travelling time people would prefer to work & stay close to their homes therefore the rent ability & capital appreciation is good.

4. Builder credibility: track record of builder is important factor too as delivery of your apartment in time & with good quality work is very important.

There would definitely be a lot of other factors driving high returns besides the above mentioned and would have worked for an individual/entity, but for a first time or amateur investor these factors can act as a support function to make a smart & informed decision.

Real Estate Investment: Expectation Vs Reality

Real estate over the past few years have been on the upswing. The highs of 2007-08 have been surpassed and few areas are currently quoting at even 40-50% premium than previous highs. It has indeed been the most preferred asset class for Indian Households, so the million dollar question is whether you would continue to see such sharp up moves in real estate?

The answer to this question is not simple. It’s more to do with your expectation of the returns. Historically, it’s seen that over the past 25 years real estate has given a compounded annualized return in the range of 17-18% as compared to equities which has give returns in the range of 15-16%, Gold in the range of 7-8% & fixed deposits which in the range of 6-7%.

Rs. 1,00,000/- invested 25 years ago in real estate would have become 50 times i.e. Rs.50,00,000/-

The thumb rule for expecting return by investing your money in a riskier asset (real estate/equities) should yield atleast 5-6% in excess of the least risky Bank Fixed Deposits. Therefore the targeted return should be around 14-15% p.a with 7-8% net return after adjusting inflation & other taxes.

Having witnessed such huge rallies over the past few years in real estate even as high as 50-60%p.a in some areas keeps us wondering that whether we have we missed out on rally?? What these returns have typically done to investors is, raised their expectations which makes it even difficult for them to accept any return less than average 25-30%p.a. These are clearly aberrations therefore any asset class over a period of time attains its fair value and the returns look more reasonable. The same happened during stock market rally from 2005-2008 when everything looked so promising and even today in 2013 we haven’t revisited those highs yet.

Expectations from your investments should be reasonable (in line with long term averages) to enjoy good returns from it and avoid any situation of panic & stress.

Real estate as an asset class is unique it’s in own way. It’s a tangible asset class that’s productive and yields you dividend in the form of rent along with capital appreciation.

Land is a commodity that is limited and can’t be produced or multiplied. As the population grows so does the requirement of land and so on the prices depending on several other factors.

It will continue to make money for investors but the only question to ask yourself is about your expectation of the return!!!

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Puri Emerald Bay in Sector 104 Gurgaon, directly on Dwarka Expressway

Puri Construction Launching soon a regarded project Puri Emerald BayImage, in prime area part 104 Gurgaon. Emerald Bay offers 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK residences changing from 1500 to 2900 sq. ft. Puri Emerald Bay advances to a great range on the ground level to be used as Green Spaces for different actions within the neighborhood, for instance the walkways, the kids” play regions, tennis courts, wicker bin ball courts, the rich club house and an entire part of more exercises. It is simply a 10 moments head from the IGI International Airport.

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