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How to locate a good option for property investment?

Everyone works hard within the given parameters and with one owns capability. The results can vary as per the opportunity you get and the amount of effort put in to seize & convert ‘that’ opportunity in your favor.

The same holds true for the money that you want to invest. You would want it to work for you each passing hour & day if possible and earn superior returns on it.

So are the returns subject to sheer luck as many people call it or a well informed move? I would rather say its 70:30 more skewed towards hard work that would help achieve your goal provided it’s realistic.          (<<< please refer to my previous article)

Below are the factors that can take your closer to your returns by 70% if not more…..

1. Location: Location & Location should be the first factor to be considered while investing money in property. How well is your property located currently, in the main district or in suburbs, accessibility to public transport, railway stations, airport etc. An investor could choose a little far off location and wait for it to develop over 4-5 years thereby giving you above average returns.

2. Infrastructure Development: pace of infrastructure development around the area is an important indicator of how the property would eventually give your returns. Infra dev such as roads, bridges, malls, commercial establishments.

3. Job Creation: for any area to do well it has to be surrounded by a lot of job opportunities. To cut down on travelling time people would prefer to work & stay close to their homes therefore the rent ability & capital appreciation is good.

4. Builder credibility: track record of builder is important factor too as delivery of your apartment in time & with good quality work is very important.

There would definitely be a lot of other factors driving high returns besides the above mentioned and would have worked for an individual/entity, but for a first time or amateur investor these factors can act as a support function to make a smart & informed decision.